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August 26th, 2019

TellConnect Service Solutions SRL will provide customer service solutions starting today

We are really happy to announce that TellConnect Service Solutions SRL was launched today in Sibiu, Romania. The company is looking to outsource all customer service needs for multiple industries such as: financial services, information technology, automotive, etc.

The founder of TellConnect is Jens Voigt, a German professional with more than 25 years of experience in the technology and financial services’ field. Jens put together a team of customer service professionals in Sibiu and build a center of excellence for a major financial services player.

“It is really exciting times for me, as I tackle the entrepreneurship space. I think there is a great need for customer service solutions as companies shift towards a customer-centric approach. At the same time building a customer service team it is both costly and takes a long time, time companies don’t really have. That is why outsourcing your customer services might be the solution. Companies such as TellConnect already have a team of trained professionals, fluent in multiple languages that can deliver an excellent customer service timely and in an efficient manner. ” - Jens Voigt, TellConnect CEO

The company's offering includes:
- Professional customer services in 9 languages (DE, FR, IT, NL, ES, PT, HU, PL, PT)
- Inbound/Outbound call center services
- Social Media Monitoring
- Brand reputation services
- Customer Interaction Center
- Overflow services

The main company office is located in Sibiu, Romania, a former Saxons (German) settlement and an world-famous academic city especially for foreign languages skills. The company is currently working with a team of customer service professionals, covering 9 languages as well as part-time and freelance partners.

Moreover, the company plans to strengthen its presence in Europe and open an office in Germany as well, by 2020.